Robert Sc. McKinney

Responsible for business expansion in Europe. Co-designer of Cubase and Protools applications, including flying faders, and low latency VoIP for live music production over the internet.

Marin Abrashev

Responsible for technical advisory, graphical and design concepts for ARC3.
Grad. bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and design. 

Larissa Cosentino 

Plan, implement and manage company's strategy and planning
Determine KPIs for each department, encourage innovation, cat herding.

James L. Nybeck
Technical Advisor

Networking specialist and development of ARC3.
Inventor of modern cellphones inner antenna, pat nr. 6320549.  

Nenko Manolov
Advertisement representative

Responsible for advertisement on the ARC3 internet and business client negotiations.

Mitch Eggers PH.D.
Marketing research specialist

Responsible for the strategic operations of ARC3 as a marketing advisor. With 25 years of experience in large international datasheets analysis and development. Worked at GMI (Global Market Insite). Designer of Honesty Detector Solution.

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